THIS!!!!!  Did you miss my Facebook Live video about my favorite SAFE self tanners? Well just in case you did, I'm giving it a "take two" here on the blog.  You guys know me as that plant lovin, chemical hatin natural chick, BUT did you REALLY know that I am just as passionate and vigilant about what I put ON my body as what I eat? Did you know we absorb 60 - 70% of what we put on our skin right into our bloodstream?  And that some areas of our body are an astounding 100%?  I have been on a mission over the last couple of years to eliminate chemicals from my personal care regimen and household entirely.  The negative effects of this long list of chemicals is way more lengthy than the list of chemicals themselves! Ugggghhhhh - and so unnecessary as well -  as you can see - as I read over the ingredients in the video.  Let's hear it for the good ole radish! Some things have been more difficult to replace than others for sure.  Replacing the self tanner was tricky....we all know the perils of a BAD one.   The two I have settled on leave a beautiful color that I get so many compliments on.  Every. Single. Time.  Both of them are SO easy to apply. They are not overly drying, and do not have that awful offensive odor like virtually every other one I tried.  (one smells a little minty to me, and the other like almonds and coconuts YUM)  I use the My Skin's Friend spray for my face and hard to reach areas. I spray a good amount on, but no so much that it will run, and I don't rub it in. Sometimes I will use two layers depending on the amount of color that I want.   I use Beauty by Earth for the body.  I do one layer one day, and if I want more color do another layer the next.  I have included a link for purchase through Life With Nikki. I'm so pleased to share these with you, and I'm confident that you will love them just as much as I do.  Now - safely go get your tan on gorgeous girl!!!! xoxo

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