Mama to my beautiful daughter Taylor, Noni to my gorgeous grandson Kai, foodie, long time trainer and wellness coach, and lover of natural health.  I dig having my feet in the grass and hands in the dirt.  I'm a lover of gardening and climbing trees.  I love family.  I love getting to know my clients, their family, and what they want their life to be like when it comes to health and happiness.  
I'm devoted to helping women find TRUTH, peace, and balance in this crazy world of nutrition confusion.  I'm devoted to helping women learn to live at peace with food, restore a healthy metabolism, and have optimal health.  I'm also passionate about teaching women how to recognize and eliminate harmful chemicals from their life. 
I teach women to work WITH their bodies and biology.  I show them the way to a LOVING and blissfully happy relationship with food.  I make it SIMPLE and EASY.  The AMAZING testimonials and the SUCCESS of my clients is everything to me!

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